Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Reading Survey

How do you decide which books you will read?

Honestly, the only way I like to choose books is if someone recommends them to me. If I go to a store, I cannot just pick up a book, read the description, and want to read it. Personally, I do not find the book as interesting as it probably is. I need to have someone to tell me that the book is worth reading and then I will probably decide to read it. I also do not like to waste money so if I buy a book that I am not totally satisfied with, I feel as though I could have put my money towards something more worth reading.

What kind of books do you like to read? Why?

I prefer reading fiction books, although I may choose differently if someone recommends one to me. I enjoyed the Harry Potter and the Hunger Game Series. I found them so entertaining because they are so far from reality, that I find myself wanting to be a part of it. Obviously not the Hunger Games, but how cool would it be to use magic all the time or to be a wizard? I really enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars because it had an incredible story line and there was a huge spectrum of emotions you went through while reading it. I have not read in a while but I am very interested in reading Under the Dome by Stephen King. I am currently watching the television series and I always like comparing books to the movies, or in this case a TV show.

 In general, how do you feel about reading?

I find it really difficult to start reading a book but when I do, I really enjoy getting attached to the characters. I love books where you literally cannot put it down because so much is happening and you need to know what happens next. That is why I also love reading books in a series because once you finish one, you can immediately pick up the next. Most of the time I love reading but I hate the feeling of being forced to read a book when you really are not interested in what is going on.

I have a Sony Android phone and since it is not an apple product, I only have access to the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it does not have all of the apps that the apple store usually does. I have a laptop but I would not feel comfortable bringing it to school. I do not have an e-reader as I would rather read directly from a book. I also do not have a twitter account either. I know I am in the very small percentage of the population who don’t have a twitter account but I have never come around to it. I have a tumblr but in all honesty it does not serve a purpose.

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