Monday, 2 December 2013

Dialouge and Non Verbal Body Language


"Ugh," my brother started to speak as he adjusted his outift. "I hate wearing this stupid suit."

"Same! This dress is way too poofy and way too itchy." I say super annoyed, fidgeting with the thousands of ruffles on the skirt.

"I hate these stupid parties mother and father make us go to. We are almost teenagers, not 30! Why do they expect us to act so mature when we are only kids?" My brother asks, ranting on.

"This is insane!" I say, as I throw my arms up. "Why are we even here?"

"Could you imagine the looks on their faces if we actually rebelled for once?" My brothers says laughing.

"You know what? That's actually a really good idea," I started speaking in a lower voice. "I saw where the old men stash their cigarettes and booze, why don't we show mama and papa that if they want us to be so mature, we might as well act like it too!"

"Wow," my brother says, shaking his head. "I think that's the best idea you've ever come up with."

"Then let's go!" I say, jumping out of my chair.

"Alright, where'd you see it?" my brother asks.

"Over here...we just need to sneak it out...."

"Alright," he says. As soon as we get the stuff, we leave and go sit on the porch in the back.

"Are you sure we should actually do this?" I question my brother, hoping he'll know what to do.

"Yes!" he yells as he hits his hand on the table. "Mother and Father have to see how much we hate these stupid parties and stupid outfits!"

"Okay...if you're sure," I say nervously. "Oh, crap!" I say as my parents are rushing towards us, clearly outraged.

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