Monday, 20 January 2014

Kellie's Buried Life

Kellie's Buried Life: 25 visuals video

My Buried Life: 
1. Go back to Australia with my family
2. Get a tattoo
3. Go to California
4. Travel to New York
5. Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
6. Spend a Christmas in Australia
7. Be successful
8. Have my own apartment
9. Travel with my sister
10. Become more fit and strong
11. Get over my fear of driving
12. Get a part time job
13. Spend New Year’s Eve in New York
14. Have my own family
15. Visit the Rocky Mountains
16. Travel to Vancouver
17. Always keep a sketchbook
18. Go to Wisconsin and ride all of the roller coasters
19. Take a tropical vacation
20. See the Hollywood sign in person
21. Take a taxi in New York
22. Make sure I take pictures and record videos of my family
23. Go indoor skydiving
24. Go to the Q1 tower again
25. Go somewhere without prior planning
26. Have a pen pal
27. Take a photo of the same thing for a year to show growth and change
28. Go horseback riding on a tropical beach
29. Go zip lining
30. Travel with a best friend
31. Have a nicer signature
32. Have a lemonade stand
33. Do a drawing every day for a year
34. Donate blood
35. Learn to walk in high heels
36. Go to Fiji
37. Unexpectedly meet a celebrity
38. Release helium balloons every day for a month with wishes written on them
39. Have a trampoline
40. Get a massage
41. Get a pedicure
42. Go to Universal Studios
43. Go on a vacation to go to a bunch of water parks
44. Take a train ride
45. Buy a sewing machine
46. Never stop painting
47. Go para sailing
48. Hand out cards with nice messages written on them
49. Swim with dolphins
50. Watch a live taping of a show
51. See a shooting star
52. Ride the underwater roller coaster in Japan
53. Become an organ donor
54. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
55. Go to a drive in movie theater
56. Take a yoga/exercise
57. Make a clay pot
58. Take a polar plunge
59. Ride a double decker bus in London
60. Fly a kite
61. Go Zorbing
62. Carve initials into a tree
63. Hike in a rain forest
64. Adopt a puppy
65. Bungee jump
66. Eat sushi in Japan
67. Vacation in Greece
68. Have a pool in my backyard
69. Adopt a kitty
70. Have more confidence
71. Do something that scares me
72. Fall in love
73. Go on a winter sleigh ride
74. Live a happy life
75. Stop over thinking everything

Authors Note:
Hello. My name is Kellie. This is a quick look into want I want to accomplish in my life, excluding all the essential stuff like careers and being successful.... I currently live with my mom, dad, brother and sister. We live a pretty normal life. Everyone in my family, besides my mom, was born in Australia. In 2000 we moved here to Canada (I know, insane, right?!). The last time we returned to Australia was in 2005... it is now 2013. 
I based my list on things that I feel would make my life a little more amazing. I haven't had the chance to travel extensively so many of my points on my list involved some sort of travelling. I didn't want to make my list over the top impossible so I tried to make it as realistic as I could but still kept it inspired by what I want in my life. You'll find some things are very personal and then you'll find some on the opposite end of the spectrum with very random things. 
Chances are all of the things on my list won't be completed but it's good to have some ideas as what would make myself happier. Even if I don't even finish half of my list, I'll know that I took the time and effort to really think about things that I want to do before I die. :)

Now What?
I think the first step in making some of the things on my list possible is to think that out of all my points, which one stands out most and which one is necessary for you to complete. Something that is absolutely vital that I complete is trying to go back to Australia with my family. I haven't seen a lot of my family in over 5 years so I think it's time that we go see them. I need to focus on getting a part time job to save a lot money for a possible vacation. Taking a huge vacation like that is so expensive and it may take a really long time to save up. This is definitely a long term task but it's one that I want to take on first. This goal doesn't rely on only me, my family also has to do their part as well. If I can manage this goal I can also achieve many others. There are many points on my bucket list that involve going back to Australia so it's basically killing two birds with one stone. I don't know if absolutely everything on my list is possible but I know if I can do this one, it will make up for ones I can't do. Out of everything on my list, this is one that I feel like I need to complete. If I only can manage to do this task I would definitely be content and not worry about anything else that is on my bucket list.


  1. Your video was sooo good. I love how you added your artistic ability into this project, I'm glad you did because you are very talented. Your now what was really good as well, putting it into the video was creative and it looked gooooood

  2. I like how you added your what now in your video.... I kinda wish I did this as well! Good idea Kellie. Your video was also super cool kinda similar to mine, I like it. Awesome job.

  3. Your drawings were amazing! They were really effective in showing your visual aspects. I also liked that you put your what now in the video, it was a really interesting way of presenting this.

  4. I really liked how you drew each of your visuals. I also really liked the way you took a picture after each word to create the effect of writing it as the video goes on. There must have been lots of pictures to organize

  5. Wow first of all you're a great artist, second of all that was an amazing way of saying your now what without actually saying anything. I really love your list and find it kind of inspiring. Great Buried Life project.

  6. I really like that you have a goal set and you have an action plan for it. I think that with a little luck you will be able to get back there and I really hope you do someday because it s your home. I think that none of those things are impossible and you will most defiantly be able to.

  7. You video was really well done. The visuals were perfect for the mood and attitude that was being displayed. The music also fit the tone you were going for. Well done.

  8. I really liked your presentation! I thought you did really good for it being your first time editing and your video turned out really good. I liked that you choose an upbeat song because it brightened my mood. I liked how you chose to include your Now What in the video and it looked really good!

  9. I really liked how your video was so creative! I too want to go to Australia and London to ride a double decker bus. Good job! I hope you can go visit your family soon!

  10. I loved how you put your video together. You drew all 25 things on your list! I can't draw so I really enjoyed watching your video

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  12. I thought your video was really put together well! I loved how you decided to represent your what now, super creative! I really like number 63 on your list, hike in a rainforest. I have go hiking on my list, but I was thinking maybe Banff, now I'm definitely going to have to consider going hiking in a rainforest next!

  13. I really thought your video was really good! I liked it a lot