Tuesday, 1 October 2013

6 word memoir #7: Passion

For my personal memoir I decided to write about one of my ''passions.'' Personally, I think talking about passions are kind of corny or cheesy.... It's expressing the love for something you enjoy doing. That's why I chose to add the "cheesy, right?" because I do feel that it is kinda cheesy. I decided to chose this photo because the painting is one of my own. It really isn't special or something "meaningful" but its a painting that sits in my room on times end and then I'll remember it and just sit for hours and work on. It's funny because I will probably paint over it do something different because I've already done that twice before. I split up the phrase in two parts. The first part is more on the serious note but after the "..." it kind of puts a funny spin on it (sort of).

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