Tuesday, 1 October 2013

6 word memoir #4: Hate

I chose this photo because the person in the picture, (my sister), is looking off into the distance. Usually people who are sad are caught up in their own thoughts and get distracted by themselves. The body language represented in this photo is similar to how someone upset would be. Again, I didn't add any punctuation as I feel like it kind of takes away from the meaning.
For some reason, I seem to get upset when I see other people who are clearly sad. I don't really know why I do this, especially because I also do this to people I don't really know.... Just the other day, I was sitting on my spare by myself and I heard a couple of girls talking. One girl was talking about how she was "slowly killing herself." At first I thought it was a joke, (of course you shouldn't joke about that because it is a very serious topic), but then she went on to talk about how her cuts were slowly getting deeper. Immediately I got sad and felt sorry for her. After listening for a few moments and listening to her reasoning behind why she was doing this to herself, I started to tear up. I was seriously a few seconds of getting up and telling her that I care and I think she's worth it. It sucks because after I finally worked up enough courage, she walked away. :(

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