Tuesday, 1 October 2013

6 word memoir #2: My Past

This memoir is about my past. In middle school, I had a close group of friends. Once we came to high school we went through some drama and now we aren't friends anymore. This makes me sad because I know they were great friends and I lost some important people in my life. So since we are going in to grade 12 and we will be graduating soon, I thought it should be time for me to apologize for anything that happened. I honestly still think about what happened and how I regret it. That's why I took a picture of my writing saying "sorry." This shows the apology is personal and sincere. I know that it was a long time ago and you've probably forgotten by now, and that's why I chose this font. The font looks kind of old and ancient, like it is almost fading away. Basically like what happened in the past.

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