Thursday, 31 October 2013

Growing Up Rant

Hmm...since it is Halloween today, it got me thinking about previous Halloweens and how I've changed. A year ago, I was trick or treating with my sister and my dad (yes, my dad, it has been a Halloween tradition for years), but this year I was in charge of handing out candy to all the little kids. Why does age define the things you do? Like stopping family traditions as simple as trick or treating? Or even stop having super fun birthday parties? I don't understand. Just cause you grow up doesn't mean you should stop doing things you love. Of course, I am guilty and I have stopped doing a lot of activities I did when I was younger, but if you really think about it, does it really make sense? Like why is it that teenagers have to grow up so fast? 13-14 years olds are the "immature ones." Then at 15, it seems like that is the "fun" year. Like you start going out with friends more and whatever. Then you turn 16 and you get license, maybe a job, and then 17 and BAM, all of the sudden university is super important and money actually matters.... All of the sudden you are 18 and an adult...LIKE WHAT? Its such a rush when you have sooo many more years ahead of you. People expect teenagers to mature so quickly and have an idea of what they want to do with the rest of their life even though we have barely experienced life as it is! Ugh, there is so much pressure on teenagers nowadays....

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