Friday, 1 November 2013

So for art class, I am making a mask that represents mental health. On the front, it is painted like a galaxy. It's to represent the ''unknown'' of mental health and depression and how it is so hard to understand what someone is going through. But on the inside of the mask, I thought I would find positive messages and have that be your mind and your thoughts. Meaning that if you think positive thoughts, you will become happier. So, I spent a few classes going through magazines finding positive messages and I was pleasantly surprised at how many I found.... Of course they come from advertisements and what not, but they were pretty easy to find. For example, L'oreal, the hair company slogan is "Because you're worth it." I think little things like this are slowly helping to expand positive energy and happiness. I think if media was to create a positive vibe and environment to consumers it would help lift peoples spirits. I think life would be so much better if we surrounded ourselves with positive thinking and positive people to ensure happiness in our lives.

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