Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Reading Assignment Number 5

Reading tweets in the perspective of Lisel in "The Book Thief." Keep in mind that Lisel is 11 years old....

1. I used my stolen apple money to buy candy and not food for my family #sorrynotsorry
2. Ugh. I don't want 2 B greedy but I really wanted another book 4 xmas #iwish
3. If I tell my papa's secret, he's gonna B rlly mad...:( :(
4. Max is super thoughtful, he made me a present 4 my bday #sonice
5. I don't know y mama and papa want me 2 keep this secret so bad #confused
6. I miss my real mother and brother so much #sadtweet
7. I've missed so much school...I just want 2 go back
8. This is so difficult not telling Rudy...hes my bestfriend
9. Max and I have bonded over the nightmares we've been having. Dont know if thats good or bad
10. The mayors wife is so nice! she let me read all the books from her library
11. I need 2 plan for another book stealing #needmore
12. I dont know what I'd do without my new mama and papa
13. I'm getting better at my reading! Still need 2 practice a lot #practicemakesperfect
14. I really like Max but why does he need to hide in our basement #curious
15. I wonder what will actually happen if max's location gets revealed....?

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