Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Imagery: Paragraph

Imagery Paragraph
1.       I selected this passage because I actually remembered it from when I read on Friday. I remember the narrator describing the taste and feeling of champagne and it had a lot of kinesthetic imagery.
2.       The type of imagery that is most common in this passage is kinesthetic. There are a lot of descriptions of how the champagne tasted to the girl who has never tried it before.
3.       I feel as though the best form of imagery in this passage is this one: “She could feel the warmth of pins and needles in her stomach.” The author is talking about her feeling of the champagne. I have not had champagne before but I think of how 7-Up tastes when you open the bottle for time. It gives me the feeling of it being super bubbly and how it gives your stomach a tingly feeling.
4.       This passage is positive imagery. I know this because this 13 year old girl is trying champagne for the first time in a time of trouble. She has permission from her papa which gives this passage a more “innocent” vibe. Some words that help me figure out this is positive imagery is “She looked at her papa for approval. He grinned and said “Prost, Madel – cheers girl,””, “She was bitten by the fizzy, sickly sweet taste of champagne”, and “A shot of laughter followed, and enjoy the taste of the glorious broken rule.
5.       The mood of this passage is a youthful, happy vibe. Her papa is taking a break from the hard work he is doing and having Lisel and himself enjoy the sweet champagne. The champagne is a value that their family does not have very often. The daughter is trying the champagne for the first time and it is almost a bonding situation for the girl and her papa.
6.       The purpose of this piece of imagery is that hard times are about to hit their city as they may be the next target of the bombings. It shows that when they are in middle of preparing for a possible bombing, they can take a break and enjoy champagne. It shows that they can still be happy and enjoy the little things even if tough times are upon them.

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