Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Imagery Quickwrite: $5 island

I wrote in the perspective of a person who bought an island for five dollars and all of the consequences that shortly follow.

I was quite happy a few minutes ago but now I am starting to worry. A few short minutes ago I handed over a crisp five dollar bill to the previous owner of this mysterious island. At first we were giddy with anticipation but now we felt a cold, dark presence around us. We had finally found what we were looking for. A beautiful, barren island, far away from the pollution filled air of New York. But the question is why would this man sell us this island for 5 dollars when we were willing to spend five thousand?! He seemed relieved and let a huge smile creep upon his face when we said yes. This island seemed beautiful at first glance; quiet, a little bit foggy, and there was even a delicious aroma in the air from the salty sea. It was perfect. As we walked through the warm sand, with the sun on our faces, we began to shiver as a cold draft crept upon up. The wonderful smell disappeared and we were alone. How could something be so convincingly beautiful when something much darker and horrifying was hidden within?

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