Wednesday, 9 October 2013

iphone Character Assignment

So, obviously this isn't a very great photo of my iphone assignment, but this was the best I could do....
So I am reading the Book Thief and I have chosen to do it on the main character Lisel. 
I decided that I would just describe each app on here. (Starting from the left, moving to the right and so on).
Laundry Route - Lisel has the responsibility of collecting peoples laundry for her foster mother to clean. I thought it would make sense if she had access to a map to show her the route of what houses to go to.
Farmer Find - Lately, Lisel and her good friend Rudy have been getting into some trouble and stealing food from the local farmer. If they had a tracker for the farmer, they could easily tell where he was so her and her friends wouldn't get caught.
Reading Help - Lisel is very far behind in terms of reading ability. Even though she loves to read and have books, she cannot do it very well. If she has help to read, she can enjoy reading a lot better.
My Library - This is an app where Lisel can show what books she has. She has a collection going and it would be easy for her to store the information of each of them in one place.
E-Reader - Since Lisel enjoys reading so much, I figured if she has an e-reader, she can read her books with her papa without physically having them. 
Soccer Skills - Lisel and Rudy really enjoy playing soccer with the rest of the neighborhood kids. If they want to become better, they might use this app to improve their soccer skills.
Accordion Tunes - Lisel's papa has an accordion in which he always plays for Lisel. Lisel could use this so so can listen to the accordion when she either misses her papa or wants to listen to the accordion.
Candy Collection - When Lisel and Rudy steal food from the farmer, they usually like to sell it and receive money. With that money they like to buy candy. Since candy is a great treat for them, they might like to keep track of what candies they have already had.
Photos- I drew this app (tried to draw this app) with a picture of her mom, brother and herself. Since she doesn't get to see them anymore, Lisel might like to look at pictures of them together. She might look at them when she is feeling sad.
Book Tracker - Lisel is a book thief. She might benefit from this app if she can see how close books are to her. She could see where they are so she can steal them faster and more efficiently. She can plan better with this app.
G.D.H - G.D.H. stands for Grave Diggers Handbook. This is the first book she stole so it is very important to her. It would probably be useful to have it on her at all times.
Postage - Closer to the beginning of this book, Lisel wanted to try and get it contact with her mother. She sent her a letter and ever since she was awaited upon its arrival. If her mother was to write back, she could get a notification and see what she says.
Mein Kampf - Mein Kampf is a book that Hitler wrote. Her and her family have already been suspected of not being loyal so if she carries this book with her, it may help her keep the suspicion off her back.
Messenger - Since her and Rudy are such good friends, they probably talk a lot. If they were not together, they could easily talk on this messenger app.

iphone appearance: I put the phone at the time of 2:27 AM because it is a reoccurring event that she wakes up in the middle of the night. Usually at that time she will read with her papa. Since it is at the middle of the night, she is probably some what tired. That is why I put the percentage at 50%. Papa and her usually will go to the basement to read. That is why I put no service, because usually in basements you get very minimal service.

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